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>When radical scientist Jor El fails to convince the world's leaders that a terrible alien force is coming to devour Krypton, he departs in a rudimentary space craft to confront Galactiac himself. Realizing that the entity is intelligent, Jor-El makes an impassioned plea to save his world. Sensing the powerful genetic potential of Kryptonians, Galactus agrees to spare Jor El's world for a high price. His infant son Nor-El. Raised as Galactiac's mighty and terrible herald, the Super Surfer, Nor aided the entity in devouring countless worlds until his search brought him to Earth. A chance encounter with human Lois Lane awakens hidden memories implanted in him by his true father. Rebelling against Galactiac, Nor-El must now travel the stars. Making amends for his past sins and trying to find his lost homeworld of Krypton.
>When young Matt Wayne is blinded and his parents killed in a mugging gone wrong as they make their way home from his father's charity boxing match, he swears to rid his city of crime. After years of training his mind, body, and radar sense to perfection, Matt takes up the mantle of the Devil Knight! Together with his young ward Spider-Boy and his best friend/law partner Alfred "Foggy" Pennyworth, Devil Knight puts the fear of God into a superstitious and cowardly lot.
>When Zeus decides that his daughter has become too cut off from the world of men, he casts her down from Olympia to serve as ambassador to the mortal realm. With her might magic lasso that only she can hold, the Goddess of the Hunt is ready to delve into the affairs of man once again, and protect the innocent no matter the cost. Artemis's main opponents are her sister Eris, who loves to rile up the mortals for the sake of creating discord, and Actaeon, who can transform between man and stag, and is madly in love with Artemis, refusing to take no for an answer.