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Hey /co/,
A bunch of nerds at /vst/ are making a Civ 5 mod that replaces nations with boards so we want to get as much info as possible for proper board accuracy, we are looking for
If /co/ had to elect a leader, be it living or a character who would it be
E.g some character from a cartoon or a comic that is a meme, or an inside joke on this board
>Special ability
Unique ability with an in-board meme tagline
At least just give memes/taglines and we'll give a matching effect
>2 Special Units
If /co/ went to war what kind of soldier would it be fielding
>Special Building
speaks for itself, /co/ related building
>City Names
give proper /co/ city names
E.g. Comic con
>Great People
Whoever isn't a leader can potentially be a culture specific spy or great person under the categories
Great Artist
Great Musician
Great Writer
Great Engineer
Great General
Great Merchant
Great Scientist
Great Admiral
Great Prophet
So give as much as you can think of
If you want to see, the original thread is >>>/vst/85046