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how would you fix the powercreep problem MCU Carol brings to the movies?

They made the right decision by nerfing Thor of all things, and even Hulk/Loki/Wanda/Pietro and a more "realistic" Iron Man (in terms of fire power). Thanos was arguably not even 1/10 of what he was.

but Carol Danvers at the end of her debut movie just goes full cosmic marvel levels of power, and while I'm really cool with they going crazy levels of power, it's still a massive problem when you try to mix the cast for another inevitable crossover.
I agree and I'm a fan of the nerfed overall MCU, Thor worked really well and it makes heroes like Captain America, Falcon, Hawkeye and even Widow more useful in real combat.

Her powers basically comes from a infinity stone and the infinity stones are no more, is she going to falls hard in power levels in her next solo movie? Is this going to happen because of Adam Warlock? What are your theories?