Tulip thread? Tulip Thread!

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In one week Book Three of Infinity Train will premier on HBO Max, so I thought I would pay tribute to where it all began.

Tulip's journey is over. She is attending Computer Game Coding Camp in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin, and is moving on to bigger and better things.

Soon we well be acquainted with Hazel, and Tuba, and get reacquainted with Grace, Simon, and The Apex. (I have the odd feeling that Grace and Simon are actually good people with hearts of gold)

I think it's fitting that we say our proper farewells to Tulip, hence this thread.

My requests are these: NO RULE 34/Lewd fan art! (Take that to /aco/)

ALL fan art/postings MUST feature Tulip, or at least make reference to Book One. (In other words, you can post fan art of Atticus, or The Cat, even if Tulip isn't featured, but that's the only acception I will tolerate)

I would prefer that NO references be made to Book Three whatsoever in this thread. After every chapter is shown, people will be posting fan art of Hazel, Tuba, Grace, Simon, etc., so lets wait until that book has been run through before posting any artwork from that.