ITT: Outdo Grant Morrison with Batmanhatten

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I'd have Batmanhatten, this apparent attempt at the "ultimate evil Batman" go up against what's widely seen as the "ultimate good Batman;" the 1966 Adam West incarnation.
Have every one of the facades Westman puts on; his cheesy demeanor, his Lupinesque avoidance of showing himself as anything more than a cartoon, the humorous one-liners he uses to water-down the seriousness of the situations he gets into, etc, torn away to both reveal who Westman is underneath, and to reveal that Westman being campy and goofy doesn't make him weaker.
You could have it bleed into the darker ideas with other ideas coming from the show and its production. For example;
>Robin fighting False Face, with the show knowing full well how to make him scary
>Frank Sinatra Joker (that actually almost happened)
>Maybe break into behind the scenes and go into how the actors playing Batman '66 themselves take this weird darker direction; going into things like how they kept destroying sets, Neil Hamilton being a serious director, how the third season was horrendously cheesy, etc.

And I haven't even watched Batman '66