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>Neither Miller nor the studio have publicly commented on the matter yet, but according to YouTuber Grace Randolph, who has a pretty strong track record for DC intel, there may be more trouble to come for the young star, and it doesn’t sound good.
>In a recent Ask Me Anything video, the insider teased that she’s heard about some new controversy starting to swirl around Miller and she compares it to the scandal that Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara found himself in not too long ago.
>“I don’t know about Ezra. I hear there’s like… I don’t know… Okay… I’ll tell you a little something about Ezra,” said Randolph. “I know that there might be something else about him coming out. And you know, we’ll just see if it ever gets reported. It’s kind of similar to how I heard that Kevin Tsujihara had something about him. I heard about that like months before that broke, that story about Kevin Tsujihara that was such a big problem for him. So I heard there is a little something similar with Ezra, and I don’t know if it will ever come out.”
the fuck did he do now?