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IDW's President Stepping Down for the Second Time

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IDW's President is stepping down once again, amid massive financial losses. The last time he stepped down, was also because of massive profit losses on his books, only to come back 6 months later to try and turn it all around.

>Ryall had been in the position since December 2018, when he returned to the company six months after stepping down as chief creative officer and editor-in-chief. He took over the dual president/publisher role from Greg Goldstein.

>The majority of Ryall’s professional career has been spent at IDW, which he joined in June 2004, coming over as editor-in-chief after a stint as EiC of Kevin Smith’s During his initial 14-year stint at the company, he worked in a creative capacity in addition to his editorial and executive role, writing for titles including ROM, Kiss and Transformers; in the six months between resigning as editor-in-chief and CCO and returning to the company to assume the president and publisher positions in addition to the CCO role, Ryall worked alongside The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman as part of Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment.

>IDW Entertainment reported a substantial financial loss in 2019, although it projected in January that it would achieve “steadily profitable operations in 2021.” That prediction came ahead of the COVID outbreak, which has led to a number of layoffs throughout the company.