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The "mods" don't care about the quality of this board, or this website. They want to bring in as many anarchistic, sociopathic, intellectually regressive subhuman troglodytes as possible so that they can make money off of them through ad revenue and because they're under direct orders from hiroyuki to do so. Furthermore, if you use the report function against those aforementioned "people" and their shitty, rule breaking threads and posts and encourage others to do the same in order to help improve the board, you get rangebanned from reporting and posting.
The only possible way to salvage 4chan is by a changing of the guard, and since they refuse to step down willingly, they must be removed forcefully.
Desperate times call for desperate measures, therefore each and every single mod needs to be doxxed, hunted down, and murdered.
swaglord is an ideal starting point since his identity is already public knowledge and because the mod team is primarily consisted of moot's real life friends, which means that with enough torture, he can tell us where they can be found.