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So that's it. That's where we are now. They've done it. They ruined these characters forever. From now on everytime Harley will appear on screen she will be a lesbian. Yes, a dyke. A carpet muncher. A filthy Gomorrhean. She will forever be Ivy's lover. In each new cartoon, each new movie featuring Harley, no longer will she be associated with the Joker. No, she will be associated with Ivy. Both Harley and Ivy will be thought of the that popular DC lesbo couple. She who was originally concived as that tragic character with a tragic backstory: being a victim of the sadistic manipulation of the Joker. She used was supposed to be a sympathetic character, a figure that represented the mentally ill who had become such because of events in their past, a person whom Batman tried to reform because he, and the audience, still had hope in seeing her turn good. But no, now she's a WACKY criminal with NO EXCUSE anymore and she's a LESBIAN that means she's TOUGH and CANNOT be CRITIZED. DC truly is dead. But hey, females are much more easy to influence, they are targeting children's shows so that little girls see this and think it's normal to experiment and become lesbians themselves. That's how dykes reproduce. They put their lesbianism in children's cartoons so that little girls watch it and believe that it's okay to experiment and become gay themselves. Homosexuals cannot make children, all they can do is make more dykes through propaganda. This is sickening.