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I fucking did it, /co/.
I finally fucking caved in, I watched it.
I watched the first season of the legend of Korra.
And i thought it was... kinda meh? kinda mid?

It felt like more avatar but michael bay edition, just a lot of fighting and explosions and fighting again, and chases, and fighting, and chases and hostages and oh look more hostage, and oh they got rescued guess what more hostages!
And the story didn't really make a whole lotta sense.

"I am Amon, watch me destroy this air bender's lineage whole career by taking away their bending!"
Or like, you know, they are the last air benders left alive you can just kill to accomplish the same thing, like just kill them? That's the motto of this entire season, just kill them, how about you just fucking kill them? Why are you taking these people to jails just FUCKING kill them holy shit.
Even atla was more bloodthirsty in like any encounter the enemy always went for the kill.

Oh and also half the season being about some bending SPORTZ and love drama was kinda dumb, you coulda just cut that all out and it would be entirely the same story.

The boat blowing up was cool, kinda dark for nickelodeon to show? Didn't make sense but hey that took some balls.

So yeah overall, the animation looks great and it's fighting and explosions but the story didn't really exist.
It's like a 5/10 I guess, just any old action flick only too long and cluttered with random junk.
Should I continue with the rest?
Is it more of the same?