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Harley Quinn Season 2 Leaks Summarized

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There was a guy whose been apparently leaking what happens later on. His words do fit well with what the producers have been saying (imo, at least) and by what he presented so far, he seems legit (photo withstanding) so, compressing all that came from him and his discussions, this is how it's gonna go.

Throughout the second half of the season (starting with that Bachelorette episode and throughout the Darkside stuff), Harley and Ivy will start clinging onto each other, both sexually and mentally. They'll try to has that out at first, like:
> "Why did we do that? What does that mean? Maybe we shouldn't do that because of where at least one of us is in her life right now? That was a mistake, is it, maybe not?"
And so throughout the entire thing.
It'll go on right till the final episode when Ivy can't keep it down any longer and decides to break up with Kiteman. However, it does seem they will give enough shit about Kiteman to think of how it may affect him and how to end this on good terms. How it will happen though, I can't fucking imagine.

Would be cool if that guy came about and could at least say what is right here and what is not.