Just saw the Joker

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That scene where he looks up his mothers file was just heartbreaking.. They knew, and they did nothing.
And the clerk was the one guy in the whole movie who even came close to relating to him, but he didn't want to share the file because he was afraid of losing his job for exposing their fuck-up..
It was like he had all this momentum, he was either going to kill himself or someone else, and he kept cannon-balling down the system that didn't give a fuck about him.
And you know the most fucked up thing is, if he wasn't 'the joker' we wouldn't give a fuck about the character. You'd get all the usual responses, "Guy had it coming, he had a choice, everyone is responsible for their own actions, ect."

pic unrelated cuz too sad, need sgt. fluffers to make me smile.