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>You are FUCKTARD. Your FUCKTARDNESS just DECTUPLED twelve trigintillion seven hundred thirty-three novemvigintillion nine hundred ninety-four octovigintillion four hundred eighty-four septenvigintillion seven hundred forty-eight sexvigintillion nine hundred twenty quinvigintillion two hundred one quattuorvigintillion eight hundred thirty-seven trevigintillion three hundred seventy-four duovigintillion seven hundred forty-six unvigintillion four hundred seventy-three vigintillion eight hundred twenty-nine novemdecillion one hundred ninety-two octodecillion nine hundred thirty-four septendecillion four hundred seventy-four sexdecillion seven hundred fifty-seven quindecillion seven hundred forty-four quattuordecillion eight hundred thirty-eight tredecillion two hundred ninety-one duodecillion nine hundred nineteen undecillion three hundred eighty-three decillion seven hundred forty-seven nonillion four hundred seventy-four octillion seven hundred forty-eight septillion eight hundred thirty-eight sextillion two hundred ninety-one quintillion nine hundred twenty-eight quadrillion three hundred seventy-four trillion seven hundred forty-seven billion three hundred eighty-two million eight hundred twenty-nine thousand two hundred ninety-two infinity times you heartless piece of ROTTING SHIT. Your ignorance is despicable and people are dying you FUCKTARD.
What did Rebecca mean by this?