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It’s almost time for the beginning of the end, everyone. 10 episodes left, the first four, titles unveiled, are almost here. Are we gonna see her again? Will she be the one who will help Steven from his corruption? Or will she just have a minor cameo? Will she and Steven finally hug it out? Will Spinel finally be happy? Is Connie tonight’s biggest loser? And will Pearl finally say “fuck”? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z! I hope she comes back before the show ends. I miss her. She’s waiting!

Thread theme (because Spinel is arguably the representation of depression in this series, and broke all of our hearts):

all Spinel related things go in this thread. Please do not spam the board with multiple Spinel-related threads at the same time. Let’s just keep one going at a time until SU goes to /trash/ permanently once the series concludes. Thanks.