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>breaks the far eastern fantasy immersion by introducing the industrial age in less than 60 years
>breaks the lore and worldbuilding from the previous show for no reason all the time
>the fans have to jump through hoops just to defend it
>factory workers are lightning bending
>every single bad guy can do Ty Lee's power
>some al capone guy can blood bend without a full moon because reasons
>the villain is fighting against "bender privilege" despite benders never really having a higher social status in their cultures
>Korra has supposedly completed 3 element training except for wind, and loses almost every fight she is in
>Korra struggles with air bending, when it's supposed to be fire. Korra fans will defend this like rabid dogs for some reason.
>The Korra group is shallow with no emotional attachments for the viewer other than "Korra likes this guy" and NotSokka
>Korra's animal friend is fucking stupid
>All of season 1 takes place in 1 city, making it very stale very quickly
>the writers had to bring back the old crew despite the time difference just to bring the ratings up
>Korra is a lesbian for wokepoints and the comics now highlight how to be gay in TLA's universe