Earth-7642 Thread

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>Trial of The Centuries : Booster Gold, Rip Hunter & The Exiles are tried by The Time Variance Authority! Can Matt Murdock, She-Hulk, Kate Spencer & Augustus Freeman III get them off?
>Silver Bullet: Framed for a crime he didn't commit, Bruce Wayne has to outwit Silver Sable & The Wild Pack! And the only ones who can help him is........Tommy Monaghan & The Gang from Noonan's?!
>The Art of Diplomacy: Because you demanded it. Dr. Doom meets Amanda Waller!! Even the Master of Menace's back gets up against The Wall!!
>Cyberchase: Oracle has gotten hold of VERY sensitive data. So sensitive that AIM is after her! Can Black Canary escape MODOK fast enough to save Barbara?
>Shocker and Captain Cold, after experiencing defeat alongside the rest of the Sinister Six and Rogues respectively, decide to go straight. Enter, Snart and Schultz: Heroes for Hire?
>Sinister Shadows: Mr. Sinister & The Shade's dislike, no, Hatred for each other spans centuries. They can't kill each other so they will settle accounts in the most simple way, Boxing!
>All New, All Different Justice League International: An new era for global heroes, Bwa-Ha-Has and unusual situations! Guy Gardner, Emma Frost, Motormouth, Super-Man, She-Hulk, Nightwing, The Fixer! Maybe, just maybe, they won't kill each other.
>Marvelous Ms. Marvel: Kamala has done pretty well for herself, but now she could brush up on hand to hand: Enter the Sweet Science by Wildcat!
>Guardians of The Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon of Sector 2765, You have the Ability to Overcome Great Fear, Welcome to The Green Lantern Corps. 'Nuff Said
>Double Date: It's official, the Torch and Power Girl are a couple! But first, fun with the Parkers! Watch MJ & Pete be gracious hosts to Johnny & Karen! See Pete attempt cooking while Johnny snarks! Read on as PG tells MJ some Spidey embarrassment! This one has it all!