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He’s right you know

>Look, it was fine when people liked Joker. It made a billion dollars, that’s understandable. It’s a comic book movie with style. It won the Golden Lion at Venice? I mean, Hirokazu Kore-eda was not thrilled, I’m sure, but it’s great that a film festival thought outside the box. Joaquin Phoenix got a bunch of Best Actor attention in critics’ polls and lesser awards? No problem! It’s a showy performance. The guy lost so much weight—throw him a bone.

>As awards season went on, though, it became more and more clear that the film might be a real player. Not just for Best Actor—fine, there’s a long and proud tradition of nominations for overcooked performances in bad movies—but for real awards. Actual serious awards-giving bodies kept nominating the thing: The BAFTAs? The Producers Guild?! My own damn union?!!

>Today—as Joker receives 11 Oscar nominations, the most of any movie, including Best Picture and Best Director—is the day that someone must stand astride the tracks and say: Enough. Stop the madness. Joker is not the best picture of the year. Joker is dumb as hell.