WONDER WOMAN #750 Debuts New DC Timeline and makes Wonder Woman the First DC Hero

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>DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio has revealed that DC's new official timeline, announced last year, will become the DC Universe's official history starting with the renumbered Wonder Woman #750 in a story from writer Scott Snyder and artist Bryan Hitch that establishes Wonder Woman as the new timeline's first superhero.

>"There's been a lot of chatter, myself included, about our timeline," DiDio said in Facebook Q&A with retailers. "The purpose is to bring in a baseline of storytelling that brings a level of consistency and more uniformity in the interpretations of the characters. We are looking to build a series of books that will re-tell the history of the DC Universe. In some ways, that will become our bible for the DC Universe."

>"One of the first places you'll see this happening is in Wonder Woman #750," DiDio continued. "The change in numbering is purposeful in the sense that [Wonder Woman #750] is the first time that we're acknowledging the timeline, and establishing [Wonder Woman] as our first superhero, in a story by Scott Snyder and Bryan Hitch. Something similar is going to be happening in The Flash."

DC previously hinted that Wonder Woman was the new chronology's first superhero in early glimpses of the timeline, with DiDio's comments now confirming the development.

Wonder Woman #750 is due out January 22, followed by the similarly renumbered Flash #750 on February 26.