The two's /co/mpany Tourney Nominations thread!

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I'm your host and sole referee, TagTeamAnon!

>What is The Two's a /co/mpany tournament tourney?
The /co/mpany tournament a tag team, single elimination tournament (read: Popularity contest) event in which 64 teams of two duke it out to become champions of /co/!


>All teams shall consist of 2 members, no more, no less. Teams do not have to be canon partners.
>One show or franchise gets only 3 teams, a team of two characters from the same franchise only gets counted as 1 team. Marvel and DC are barred from this rule for obvious reasons.

>One team per character, no duplicate teams such as Johnny and Jack + Johnny and Kronk. If duplicate teams end up in the roster, a brief voting period of 7 hours will occur to determine the team that ends up in the final roster.
>No OC characters like Grieve-tan or Channel
>OP cannot nominate characters as to prevent favoritism and cheating.
>Nominations must contain both characters in one photo (Doesn't have to be actual artwork, a shitty edit is fine), their respective source material, the team name. Must get five replies to be nominated.
>Vidya or non /co/ originating characters must have at least one comic or cartoon to participate. No purely honorary /co/ such as Sora or Peacock. This is limited to three teams containing vidya or non /co/ originating characters.
>All characters must come from a work that is at least one month old, example: Characters that debuted in a work on September 4th cannot participate in a competition that begins on October 4th
>No “what if” scenario duplicates like Red Son Superman, Hobo Parker, or Marvel Zombies. They go in with the base character. This doesn’t apply to characters like Spider Noir

Now let's see those teams!