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leftists will pretend like this is « PROGRESSIVE » yet you almost NEVER see any GAY MALE CHARACTERS in children's cartoons, let alone two males that kiss

Anyways I have already posted long paragraphs of what I think about this...trend

But now, I might be legit broken this time

Like the last straw that broke the camel's back

I never expected her to be a lesbian...



Why are girls attracted to boys so rare now ?

We have literally, AND I MEAN IT, we have LITERALLY reached the point where dykes have become more numerous than straight females

This propaganda will lead young girls watching this that it is okay to kiss girls and they will become lesbians in the future because cartoons have molded their way of thinking


Anyway, this post was longer than I intended it to be

I have already posted rants several times already, and this will be the last one

Why ?

Because I'm done. Like, I'm done for real.

I will never, NEVER, watch any damn modern cartoon ever again. I know, and YOU know, that the female character will eventually be a homosexual.

That's it. That is what kid's entertainement is about now. It's over, they won. Bravo tumblr. Cartoons were my hobby since I was 4 years old, I guess it's time I stop watching cartoons and find sometjing else to do.