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South Park - Board Girls

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Well howdy everyone! It's me, your old pal Butters, and boy oh boy, would you look at the time! Time sure flies when you're having fun, huh? I mean, gee whiz, it's almost like one week ago we were at the season finale! And now we're only minutes away from an all-new season of South Park, airing tonight at 10/9c! Wow! That's only two hours from the time of this post! Neato! And that's right, I said SOUTH PARK! S-O-U-T-H P-A-R-K! You hear that mister producer man? I don't want any funny business with the intro tonight! You better put that good 'ol fashioned opening back or I'll sic the mummy on you!

>Board Girls - In the season opener, an even stronger woman causes big problems for PC Principal. Cartman, Stan, and the rest of the boys meet their match when some of the girls join their board gamers club.