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Channel The Movie Teaser

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Greetings one and all! The /co/ystal Gems are proud to announce that progress has been made on Channel The Movie to the point where we're releasing a teaser! Tune in Saturday, November 9th and get a first look at what /co/s biggest project will be like. Featuring never before seen top of the line voice acting from our lovely audio artists.

>The fuck is this faggot ass shit?
I'm glad you asked Anon! Channel The Movie is a custom edited version of Steven Universe The Movie, featuring a brand spanking new script, voice acting, and even new songs. Made entirely by your favorite Anon's you don't even know you're talking to.

>Wow this sounds neat, how do I get involved
Yet another great question! We are currently looking to invest in some skilled editors and to top off our cast of VA's. Writing, I'm afraid, is closed for the moment.

Editors: We're looking for anyone with a pulse who knows some video editing basics. Our crack team of editors will happily get you caught up in all the latest methods to the madness that is this movie's creation!

Voice Actors: Thankfully we've got a lovely cast of characters already filled up. But there's still some open slots. So please, come on, don't be shy, we'll take any voice that fits the character. Male or female. Follow this here link to our new and improved website and apply to become apart of history!

And please! Use this thread to discuss the movie! Or anything Channel related! What do you expect from us? Do you think we'll succeed or fail? Do you have more questions?! Don't be shy, speak up and have fun!