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Bob's Burgers

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Anyone get the feeling this show is ending soon?

>Season 10--a "perfectly whole number" just started--and we have yet to hear of another season renewal

>season premiere came full circle by revolving around Bob & Linda's anniversary, something that hasn't been addressed since Episode 1

>the alleged movie coming out next summer could easily be meant to close out the series

>creator Loren Bouchard made a new show for Apple TV+ and is also executive producer on a new FOX cartoon created by longtime Bob's Burgers writers since S1, Lizzie & Wendy Molyneux

>FOX has suddenly started picking up multiple new animated series along with The Molyneux Sisters' show: Bless the Harts, Duncanville, and Saloon (among other 20th Century Fox productions slated for streaming)

I'm still reeling from the Steven Universe Future announcement, so I'd like to know if my fears for the end of the greatest adult cartoon currently airing are sound. Also, feel free to just discuss the show in general.