New Star Wars comic reveals who actually built the Empire

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>Whether or notEmperor Palpatineever returns, there's no denying that his empire's greatest weakness was having HIM as a leader. Cruel, vindictive, hateful, and detested across the galaxy, it's a miracle Emperor Palpatine took as long as he did to lose all power. But now,Star Warshas revealed the woman who was actually keeping the Empire together all those years, despite its incompetent leader:Imperial Minister Pitina Voor.

>Every fan is going to want to know the woman born Pitina Mar-Mas Voor, twenty-five years beforeSheev Palpatine began his rise to power. Married to a lame duck bureaucrat in the Empire's ruling class ofcompeting officers and governors, Pitina saw history repeating itself. That below all the bravado, intimidation, and posturing... the expansion of the Empire through brute force was killing it even as it spread (running out of both soldiers and money).And Pitina just might have led the Galactic Empire to total success, if not for once crucial weakness: Emperor Palpatine hadabsolutely no ideahow to lead.

>Encouraging her husband's suicide to spare himself a traitor's death at Vader's hand (which was not actually coming), Pitina claimed his position for herself. Acknowledging that Emperor Palpatine may have known the truth of her deception, he granted her influence and position anyway. Which is when she began to enact her true vision for the Empire's successful expansion.