Ms. /co/ 2019: Nomination Thread 1

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It's finally time!

Over the next week or so, we'll be seeing 128 comic and cartoon girls enter the bracket, but only one will prevail and join Jenny and Johnny in /co/halla.

To nominate a girl, you must include in your post:
>The name of the girl
>The show/comic they're from
>A picture of them
And optionally, reasons why they should be nominated. If your nomination gets 5 replies, they'll be in the running to make it in the tournament! We'll have several threads for nominations, so don't worry about not getting your favorite in the first thread. After enough threads, there will be a qualifier poll, and the top 128 girls will be put into a bracket (seeded by how many qualifier votes they received).

The only rules are that the character must originate from a comic or cartoon, so no /co/ adaptions of /v/ or other board material unless the adaptation has popularity independent of its source (such as Lydia Deetz) or the character originated in the adaptation.
The limit is 5 girls per show. The only exception is that up to 8 girls from the Marvel universe and 8 girls form the DC universe can qualify. Note that this applies to the final bracket; more than that amount can end up in the qualifier poll.

In addition, along with Jenny Wakeman, the following contestants are taking a year off for placing in the top 8:
>Toph Beifong
>Kim Possible
>Black Canary
>Harley Quinn
>Helen Parr

With that all out of the way, it's time to start nominating!