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Spinel is an incredibly toxic person.

If you were to date her your life would look like this

>Wake up in the morning, have to wait 30 min~1 hour for Spinel to wake up so she can untangle her arms from you
>Spend the morning convincing her that just because you were mean to her in a dream it doesn't mean you're going to leave her
>Drive her to her therapy session. She keeps trying to convince you that she's all better and doesn't need therapy anymore
>Can't take her out to eat at a restaurant because she'll spend the entire time making sure you don't look at anyone else
>Follows you to the bathroom and stands by the door until you're finished with your business
>CONSTANT need to console and comfort her, will call you up in the middle of work to ask if you still love her
>Will hate every single friend you have, won't accept that you're capable of having more than one friend and that it's her
>Will burst into tears in the middle of normal conversations because she's suddenly convinced she doesn't deserve you and that she's dragging you down
>If you ever turn her down for physical affection or sex because you're too tired/busy then she'll overthink it and become convinced you don't love her anymore
>Almost certainly going to stop taking her medication at some point and become even more violent/emotional at the tiniest thing
>If you ever do try to break up with Spinel then get ready to have her show up at your door for weeks, will stalk you online for months/years
>threats of suicide, threats of murder, threats of murder/suicide, etc, etc

Don't do it. It's not worth the mental exhaustion. Just be smart like steven and keep your distance.