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I bought this book, collecting Infinity Gauntlet #1-6 and it's terrible.

I like Adam Warlock, Strange, Surfer, and Mephisto. I like how ridiculous the premise is, the snap and the fall out from it are both cool, and the art is good.

But the story is ridiculous. I get the cosmic epic angle, I was really vibing with it for a while, but the longer it went on, the less I started to like the story. Also, I've always thought that all of this happening so that Thanos could bone the human personification of Death was too abstract and silly, reading it here firsthand did not change my mind per se, but I became endeared to Death and her constant indifference in the face of Thanos' buffoonery. He just continues to make an ass of himself in every page and it's hard to figure out what's intentional and what's not, but it's all awful.

Anyone else?

> You should read Thanos Quest first.

How would the extra context provided by Thanos Quest make Infinity Gauntlet better? The story goes out of its way to make it clear that this is not the beginning of things even though it still presents its content in an easy to follow manner. The problem isn't that the story is confusing, it's that it's bad. Thanos Quest's merits would remain solely Thanos Quest's merits, or perhaps extend to the overarching Infinity Saga as a whole, but Infinity Gauntlet - this book - would still be bad.