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>>> During a Yahoo Entertainment interview, the star of The Kitchen described her deep love for comics. The quick way she rattled off facts about Nubia caught her co-stars Melissa McCarthy and Elizabeth Moss off guard. Funnily enough, The Kitchen is based on a DC comics story. Haddish is always quick with the banter and this moment of flexing her comic book fan card was no different.

>>> Her director thought she's be the perfect batgirl but the outspoken comedian had other ideas. "Batgirl is cool, but I'd rather be Wonder Woman's sister, Nubia, 1976-78 issues of Wonder Woman," Haddish added, "I know my comic books."

>>> The actress also mentioned Mystery Girl, a hero from a 2015 Dark Horse series, as a potential role. Everybody on the set was completely impressed by her knowledge on the subject. Wonder Woman's filmmakers might want to keep her in mind for the following films. It doesn't sound like she'd have to read up much on the material.

I’d be down for her as Nubia either in an Animation or Film