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Recap from today's AMA
>The series finale was left open ended on purpose for more in the future
>There's no actual ending planned atm
>Marco is a Smiths fan
>Star and Ludo will play basketball together
>Nefcy made Star and Marco to be "actual teenagers with messy relationships"
>DVDs, Blurays, OST's - "Ask the mouse"
>Nefcy named Booth Buddies and Into The Wand as her fave episodes
>She knows about the petition for S5
>Only Earth and Mewni were cleaved, Kelly is stuck in her dimension
>Starco was "planned for some time..."
>Monster Arm was planned for a return but was scrapped at the last minute
>Tom can still travel cause he's a demon even though portals and magic are gone
>Someone actually sent corn to Disney
>Nefcy can't do anything with her own show without mouse approval
>Nefcy wrote the ending when S4 was announced, wasn't planned from beginning
>Nefcy never graduated high school and was bullied, got her GED
>The first settlers got to Mewni because "they fell through the well and lost their memories"
>Laser Puppies are alive
>Nefcy confirms Eclipsa took a leap of faith and used BVI on Meteora knowing it could kill her
>A Warnicorn is a unicorn that "needs the blood of its enemies to survive"
>The skulls Toffee wore were Butterfly family members of the royal court he killed
>"How did Eclipsa's father talk to Marco in BMB?" "Magic."
>Seth is fucking dead
>"Is Doop Doop alive?" "Nope nope."
>Adam believes in consent without remembering