House of X Spoilers

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Five months have passed.
The X-Men live in the nation of Krakoa, off the coast of Australia and New Zealand. There are various "habitats" (basically embassies) throughout the world (such as Westchester) that are linked by gateways.
Xavier has used Krakoa's flowers to develop new drugs that prolong human life and cure human disease. Any nation that recognizes Krakoa's sovereignty gains access to these drugs.
Members of AIM, SHIELD, STRIKE, SWORD, Alpha Flight, HAMMER, ARMOR, and HYDRA have founded an organization called Orchis, which acts as a doomsday protocol against the mutants. They are working with Karima Shapindar to create a new Master Mold as they theorize that humans have 20 years left as the dominant species on the planet.
Magneto is the central character of the issue. Cameos spotted include Xavier, Marvel Girl, Elixir, Colossus, Storm, Iceman, Armor, Beast, Kitty Pryde, Lockheed, The Cuckoos, Banshee, Cypher, Sage, Wolverine, Mystique, Toad, Sabretooth, Xorn, and Cyclops.
There is a small confrontation with The Fantastic Four. The X-Men have plans for Franklin Richards.

tldr: Xavier is officially the Jim Jones of the Marvel Universe. If I was Reed Richards, I'd keep my kid away from him.