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>The Russos always planned for Iron Man to sacrifice himself and Captain America to retire and stay with Peggy Carter.

>Thor would originally become a bloodthirsty warrior seeking revenge against Thanos across the universe, but the Russos felt that was a retread of his previous arc and gave that storyline to Hawkeye instead.

>The Russos wanted to keep present Thanos alive throughout the movie, but realized the narrative required him to die early into the story.

>Early drafts featured the experiment that merged Banner’s mind with Hulk’s body.

>Early drafts featured Black Widow running a foundation to help children who were orphaned in the snap.

>In early drafts, Iron Man would accompany Thor and Rocket to 2013 Asgard and retrieve the Space Stone from Odin’s vault after a fight with Heimdall.

>In early drafts, Captain America, Ant-Man and Hulk would retrieve the Mind Stone from 2014 Triskelion and then steal a car to go to the Sanctum in search of the Time Stone.

>In early drafts, War Machine and Nebula would find Morag ravaged by thunderstorms and retrieve the Power Stone from a sunken temple filled with sea monsters.

>In early drafts, Black Widow and Hawkeye would be attacked by Thanos’ soldiers on Vormir and fight them off before Black Widow sacrifices herself.

>Some drafts featured a fight between past Thor and present Thor and a reunion between present Thor and Jane Foster.

>Some drafts featured Hawkeye sacrificing himself instead of Black Widow.