MCU Sentry

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So Tony and Steve's death left a huge role vacuum in the world that a lot of people are trying to fill in as seen with Far From Home with people trying to be the next Ironman, wouldnt this be the perfect time for a character like Sentry to be introduced?

Sentry has no solid backstory/origin story, he is what he wants to believe, so a vacuum like Tony and Steve's shoes is perfect for someone like Bob to try and usurp, He'd want to be the next big hero, a hero so powerful and honorable, someone everyone will look up to and could only do good deeds and could potentially protect the world on his own.

Whats also great about this is this could be the first ever MCU film contained only in its own universe while being inside the 616 universe, what i mean by this is, Sentry could try and become a hero only for the Void to fuck things up and decide that the only way to stop the Void is to stop himself and erase his memory from everyone else