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I like Star vs Forces of Evil.
This show makes me happy, and always makes me smile.
It may not be the best written show. It may not be the best animated show. It may have one of the worst endings I have ever encountered. But it doesn't change the feeling of warmth and positivity that I always get from watching it.
And when I see people complain and insult it, hate it for its different flaws, deride it as garbage, I think - you have the right to feel this way. Maybe it's not for you. It can't possibly be for everybody. And I understand your perspective, there are some very popular shows that I don't enjoy.
But as much as I relate to your opinion, I can't say I care about it. How you feel about a show doesn't impact the way I do. This show brought me many wonderful moments, and I made some great friends because of it. I can honestly say that it made my life better, like no other animated show did before.