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The X-Men won’t be introduced into the MCU until Phase 5 around 2022/2023, but they are already mapping out their plans for characters.

- Professor X, Magneto, Wolverine and Cyclops will definitely be in it. Nobody else is set in stone so far, but usual suspects like Jean Grey, Storm, Nightcrawler, Iceman, Rogue, Gambit and Jubilee have all been frequently brought up.

- Like with Spider-Man, Kevin Feige doesn’t want to repeat concepts and characters that Fox already explored, so they’re prioritizing mutants that didn’t appear in the Fox movies or were so different that their more comics-accurate versions would feel fresh to audiences.

- Cyclops and Wolverine will be the cornerstones of the MCU’s X-Men, like Captain America and Iron Man were for the Avengers. Feige is really determined to deliver a better Cyclops than Fox has so far.

- They want Xavier and Magneto to be in the 40-55 age range, and Wolverine and Cyclops in the 27-35 age range.

- They’re apparently taking the Mordo route with Magneto. He’ll create the X-Men alongside Xavier and believe in pacific coexistence at first, but will become disillusioned over the course of the movies and eventually declare war on humanity.

- Another idea that is being kicked around is to either change the classic Wolverine/Jean/Cyclops love triangle by having Wolverine and Cyclops meet her at the same time, when they already have some history, rather than Wolverine coming in and trying to cuck Cyclops who is already in a committed relationship with Jean.

- Mister Sinister is the top choice for the first villain they go up against.

- Deadpool will stay in his own R-rated corner and will probably be identified as a parallel universe in the MCU Multiverse, but it has been proven he can work in a PG-13 setting if needed and crossovers are always on the table.