Marvel's Avengers by Cristal Dynamic rumors

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Marvel's Avengers rumors by trannyera

>Kamala Khan will 100% be a central protagonist in Avengers Project. The Avengers have been disbanded for a while (due to a "catastrophic" event) and she will play an integral role in reassembling the team.
>Heavy story focus throughout (drawing moreso from comics vs MCU)
>Can be played entirely SOLO with you controlling 1 character and AI taking over the remaining 1-3. Up to 4 player co-op with friends (this # hasn't changed last I heard).
>Crashed Helicarrier will serve as your main hub.
>Kingdom Hearts-like world/level design. Think multiple large worlds/levels vs 1 huge open world map. The levels are large enough to accomodate flight based characters.
>There's definitely no "loot" like you'd find in your typical looter shooter (common - legendary drops). Everything is mostly powers based, hence the character skill trees. For example, you won't be finding Iron Man thrusters of different rarities throughout the map.
>Unless it's changed, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man and Hulk will make up the team build early on in the game (story reason).

Welp, how Carol going to compete with Kamala? Kamala slowly and steady starting erasing Carol out of existing. Movies are next.