Heroes in Crisis #9 preview

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>"Then he comes back and they're like "hey, you're hope, you're rebirth, this is wonderful for you," and he's like "yeah, and where's my family?" They're like "no, no, don't think about that. Just ignore that, you're rebirth now, you're hope." I feel like it's that moment that people come back from being overseas, and they get off and they're home and they're like "oh, that's great, you're a soldier, thank you for your service, you're a hero now." And I'm like, "well you know, I kind of had some experiences..." "No, no, don't worry about those experiences man, you're the fucking hero, you're the best person alive now. You're a symbol of America." And how am I going to live life as a symbol for America when all I can feel inside is like I've lost something, you know? That's what I was trying to say with Wally."
>Tom King