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>“This, is Steve Rogers. The First Avenger, seen to be the embodiment of America. He believed that this country was pure and any crime can be undone with the use of Truth, Justice and the American way, and EVERYBODY believed him because he’s been saving them since World War 2. Until another Avenger came around. Tony Stark, he disproved that Black and White mindset once the Colorado incident occurred. Making Steve Rogers and everyone else who supported him, look like a *SMACK* bitch.”
>“Of course, Tony Stark then thought, all of us super powered people should sign the Registration Act, and there was no way bad things could ever come out of it. Everybody believed that because he saved them countless times as well. He was also, WRONG! Making him and everyone who supported him *SMACK* look like a bitch again!”
>“And then, best of all, Ms. Carol Danvers joins the team, and blows everyone’s brains with her mindset on keeping an Inhuman who can predict the future and prevent atrocities from happening, of course she also thought it was a good idea to keep around a skrull masquerading as her late predecessor and lover, Mar-Vell and those futures were disproved. Making her, yet another stupid *SMACK* BITCH! Are you seeing a pattern?”