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>Remember how the wand turned evil and tried to control it's user when a monster held it?
>Remember Echo Creek Academy?
>Remember Karate?
>Remember monster arm?
>Remember how there were magical creatures on Earth that weren't Star or Ludo's gang?
>Remember St. Olga's and how it became the base for a rebel group of princesses?
>Remember Baby?
>Remember how Baby said she has never seen Star's level of magic since Eclipsa?
>Remember how Eclipsa's chapter corrupted Marco?
>Remember how Star used a combination of pink and green magic to impress Baby, foreshadowing her learning to use both good and evil magic, that went nowhere?
>Remember the "Alternative Monsters"?
>Remember how Star was the Rebel Princess?
>Remember how ToffLudo made a duplicate Magic Book that was empty, for some reason?
>Remember how the show used to have a legitimately threatening villain?
>Remember when Star and Rhombulus were really good friends?
>Remember how moon collected up the dust off Lekmet?
>Remember how Ludo's obsession with Star and Marco foreshadowed his return as a villain, that was resolved in one episode?
>Remember Earth?
>Remember how Star and Marco are supposed to be in high school?
>Remember how Marco and Kelly's relationship was built up as far back as Lava Lake Beach, and then was ended off screen in a filler episode?
>Remember how people thought moving the show to Mewni would mean more cool environments?
>Remember when the animation wasn't stiff and lifeless?
>Remember when the show was about Star learning to be a better person?
>Remember when Eclipsa wasn't the main character?
>Remember when the show was about Star and Marco Vs. the Forces of Evil?

Yeah me neither.