SVTFOE: Angie is the Worst Mother Ever

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Hey it's Marco. I love being with Moon more than Angie, that jerkass who gave birth to me.

I hope something bad happens to you after that Marco Jr turd is born.
At least Moon is found. Except I wish she was my mom, but since I'm gonna marry Kelly, I am gonna live with Ruberiot and Foolduke. Foolduke is the greatest mother who ever lived. She always tells me everyday that squiring and Kelly will make the greatest person on Mewni. Earth, suck that. Earth mentioning is banned from Mewni. I don't care if I dropped out of school
I'm naming my kid Marco Jr. after me and Kelly get married.
As you'll excuse, I'm gonna meet up with Moon so I can follow all squire rules properly and serving Star is fun, it's like I'm her prisoner but it's fun. I'm making tea, making sure Star doesn't slouch. Pinky up, mom. I mean Moon.
Angie is dead. I bet she died after Marco Jr is born.
They never paid attention to me. I was raised by TV. I'm glad I'm out of their pathetic lives. School sucks. Squiring is fun. Marco Jr. is gonna make their lives difficult. Good luck finding an babysitter who turns out evil.
Marco Jr. should die too. Hey Angie! You should die after the baby is born! Rafael, I wish you were back to Mexico. Get lost! Drink the dirty water back from Mexico where you came from. I wish you never married Angie!

Yuck. Watching them is gross compared to how I kiss Kelly.

Who drew this monstrosity?