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Star Vs The Forces of Evil season 4

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Episode 4 >Yadda Yadda Berries / Down by the river!h1QxBKTQ!8AJRii9OiWnJYZhIqazMzHI11KGrdQK-XiSHXUuijGM

epsiode 5 >The Ponyhead / Surviving the Spiderbites!h8BVxaKR!fohrRgvt_21qr6QTN3wXqXfUWnw2IA-Rx145nUQXzvk

epsiode 4 definetly had more to offer to the whole eclipsa being queen situation and revealing that even monsters don't like her (though they are shown to be retarded).

As well as (potentionally) building up conflict between Moon's new settlement and Eclipsa