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>started henching for Joker about a year ago
>the last one of my hiring batch who didn't get killed or sent to blackgate for 20 or life.
>collected a nice penny that should last me a good few years and fund a business I've always wanted to run
>Go to the boss' office today to ask him about retirement
>"Sure! You can quit whenever ya want! Just don't tell Batman anything"
>he winks
>I thank him and go to the door
>"Oh, and don't forget to give the gear back and clean your locker"
>Quinn starts laughing like he just said the funniest joke
>I close the door behind me
>been standing here in the corridor for 20 minutes
Guys I think I'm fucked. What should I do? I think he's going to fucking kill me when I try to actually leave. Should I just run for it? Should I try to apologize and ask to stay? Fucking shit