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Captain Marvel plot summary (SPOILERS)

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Just saw Captain Marvel, since i haven't seen a plot summary yet I'm making this thread so anons can check what happens and maybe ask shit

So the movie opens with Carol's memory of the incident, she's bleeding blue blood and all, she looks up and sees Bening with a gun, and on the distance a skrull closing in to shoot them.

She wakes up on Hala, kree capital. "Vers" goes wake up Yon-rogg and he complains about the early hour. Apparently Carol's memories are a recurrent nightmare and training with him is a way to deal with it. They train like the trailer, Vers apparently has never been on a mission, she wants to serve the Kree but as Yon-rogg reminds her she has a problem with dealing with her impulses and emotions ("humour is a distraction, rage only serves your enemy"), as demonstrated by her attempts to blast him angrily during training. Her powers are presented as a kree weapon, she wears a chip-device on her neck behind her ears that control the photon blasts

They leave the dojo-thingie to meet the Supreme Intelligence for a briefing. Shots of the city show anti-skrull propaganda. While they're on a train they talk about the Intelligence, nobody is allowed to know what it actually looks like, it reads your subconscious and takes on the appearance of something important to you to communicate. Vers teases Yon-rogg about his version of the Intelligence but it's taboo to share it since its such a personal experience. She explains that's her frustration since the Intelligence appears to her as the mystery woman from her dreams that she can't remember

They reach their HQ. To speak with the Intelligence Vers steps on a pod containing metallic, circuit-like liquid that envelopes her until she has the vision. The Intelligence/woman chimes in again on Vers' past, telling her not to focus too much on it and that her her pain is all due to the Skrulls' attack, the insidious race that tried to destroy the kree invading their planets from within