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>The first season of Netflix's popular animated fantasy show, The Dragon Prince, was met with positive critical reception and created a ravenous new fanbase. "This is our fourth comic or anime con in one season," Justin Santistevan co-founder and president of Wonderstorm—the entertainment startup behind The Dragon Prince—told me during a studio visit. "We're just enjoying showing up and talking to fans."

>The recently announced second season is set to hit Netflix on February 15, and fans are already speculating about how the season might pan out. Fans have also been speculating about The Dragon Prince game, which Wonderstorm has been developing alongside forthcoming seasons of the show. This game is shaping up to be different than existing television to video game titles, because Wonderstorm has been planning a game all along.

>Thanks to co-founders Santistevan, Justin Richmond, and Aaron Ehasz, and their lead investor MWM, Wonderstorm is a collective of multidisciplinary artists and creators across the gaming and animation industries, rather than a purely television or film development company. And instead of bringing in "game people," and "having the TV people tell the games people how to move the narrative to another platform," Ehasz told me, "we hired an amazing team of game designers and game producers who got the show, and just empowered them to do their job." Richmond worked as a game director on Uncharted 3 and Santistevan work as a producer for Riot Games. The rest of the game development team has experience from a range of prestigious companies, including Atari, Naughty Dog, and Supercell.