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Help me meme my comic

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I’m working on a comic "Zane and the Diesel Crew". The campaign is expected to go live Jan.1. the comic I've written, penciled, inked, and lettered myself. with colors by Leonardo Paciarotti @leoarts on Instagram.
This comic wouldn’t have been possible without you guys, i would really like you guys to help me out if you can to make this a bit of a meme.
I've made a meme-able pic.

treat it like the Chuck Norris meme, how badass do you think Zane Diesel is? be as stupid or awesome as you like!

all I ask is try to use the #whoiszane so i can find em all. id love to see em!


Again, you guys are the reason I was able to do this comic (that’s already done, just waiting till Jan to post) i would really like to get you guys help :)