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Liberalism is single handedly destroying the comic and cartoon industry. Prove me wrong. Spoilers you can't. Look at all the sjw pandering and other bullshit that's popular now! This is literally the globalists agenda designed to turn the world against the white race and push for the systematic eradication of the white race. Now being "cis white male" is literally being Hitler or Satan incarnate. Why is the majority of /co/ complacent? Why are you buying into this Trans-ra or Steven Fagniverse or the tons of forced multiculturalism in comics? We have to make a stand or the entirety of a great society is going to fall. America made the right choice by electing Trump and it looks extremely likely that France is tied of all the bull and will elect Le Pen soon too. But we if /co/ have to stand up and say enough is enough! Stand up to these fascist liberals and tell them what we really want! That a hero can and should always be a white male as it's been since time immemorial! I can already see the response from the majority of you calling me /pol/ or something. That's all you npcs can even say. You have to open your eyes yourself and ignore all the fake news that all the main news sources are telling you. This isn't much of a start but we can start by taking back comics and cartoons, a genere that has alway been for white straight males and will always be truly for us. Who will stand with me?!