Hopes for the MCU going forward?

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> In the Falcon/Bucky show villains are Zemo (with a faithful mask) & Strucker (the twins convinced Ultron to fake his death).

> Taika Waititi does not return to the Mcu. I will tolerate him on Guardians 3 if it means someone else does Thor 4 and doesn't imitate him.

> Thor 4 continues Thor's state after AIW/A4 still having lost everything and a direct mistake of his allowed half the universe to die. It's notably more serious then Ragnarok. A story idea I have is him setting out on a quest to find Sif. Maybe in order to not have to try and upstage Hela they go with a smaller scale antagonist. Maybe Amora trying to resurrect Skurge to parallel Thor's quest. Ideally I would have the Russo's direct it. They handled Thor perfectly in AIW.

> Carol's film does not spend much time on earth.

> Carol gets some fight scenes comparable to Man of Steel in terms of epic hand to hand combat while flying at high speeds among buildings or space ships. They do a better job on the CGI for it then Guardians 2 handled a similar style fight between Peter & Ego.

> Carol does not blatantly upstage or condescend to the original Avengers trio in A4.

> In Captain Marvel 2, Cru is possibly the villain with faithful designs & transformations which would allow Brie to play both Carol & the film's villain.

> Steve gets a lot of screen time in A4.

> Thanos wears his full armor get up for much of A4 and is shown to be a force to be horrified by even with a injured arm & no stones.

> Natasha gets her curly long Iron Man 2 hair back for her whole stand alone film. She is sexualized & made to look much younger then she looked in AIW.

> The Black Widow film is not afraid to go into her past at the red room & go dark with it.