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Why do people say Korra retconned the origins of bending?

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Why do people blast the Beginnings episodes of Korra, claiming they retcon the original series? Is it just blind Korra hating?

Because the Wan episodes do not retcon anything. All they merely say is the origin of the CAPABILITY to influence the elements was given by Lion Turtles. The actual art/discipline/martial art component of bending is still taught by Dragons (as shown in the show), and logically also Badger Moles, the Moon, and Flying Bison.

Do Korra haters not realize this makes more sense? By their logic, why would there be any non-benders at all if anyone could LEARN? Obviously bending had some kind of genetic component, otherwise why wouldn't Sokka have picked up air bending from always being with Appa? Or learned water bending by staring remorsefully at the moon?

All Korra did was say that the CAPABILITY to influence the elements was given by Lion Turtles into select humans' genome. From there, they learned how to actually "bend" from the original masters mentioned by the original show.

There was no retcon.