MCU and Sony rumors

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Spider-Man FFM:
>Spider-Man Far From Home will feature Mysterio, Scorpion, Vulture and Shocker.
>Spencer Smythe is the buyer of Avenger's Tower, hiring the previously mention villains to steal Alien tech in Europe.
>Spider-Man is working with SHIELD and meets Black Cat(New love interest and works for MI6).
>Spider-Man's new suit is a SHIELD Stealth suit, made to replace the Stark suit which is severely damaged in the battle with Scorpion.
>Mysterio becomes the main villain after betraying his group and Smythe, he begins opening portals to different worlds with the alien tech, later getting trapped in a different world by Peter who kicks him through a portal and yanks the device off his arm, closing the portal.
>Peter makes his own suit at the end of the film, using the remains of the Stark Suit.
>Ending is Peter being introduced to a SHIELD based team to help keep an eye out for abnormalities that may have slipped through the portals during the final battle.
>Post credits is Spencer, Scorpion, Vulture and Shocker in a room talking to someone on a screen about needing organization, Sergei Kravinoff is introduced.
>Marvel/Sony contract is supposed to be renewed and reworked to allow both Marvel and Sony to both have live action Spider-Men appear in film.