(Spoilers) Steven Universe - new episodes tidbits

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Two topaz (I believe they are meant to be Topaz) come to Steven’s room, and WD’s face appears on a large monitor that sort of encompasses the entire wall. These Topaz are very similar in appearance to White Pearl, and it seems that they are being controlled directly by White. She questions him as PD, and orders that he/she revert back to her true form. He cannot, so WD has her Topaz’s hold him down and forces Steven’s gem to change form (she tampers with it using some scary-looking levitating wires)

The theory about WD “powering” HW is essentially true – she is a power source and all those wires/cables that can be seen winding throughout the planet originate from her.

Steven is “poofed” and becomes trapped inside the aural plane/his gem. Steven’s Lifeform being forced into his gem forces Pink Diamond out. PD is understandably confused, horrified, and very shaken.
Satisfied, WD tells PD that she can no longer hide from her mistakes, and once again leaves her alone to “contemplate” her decisions.

While inside the aural plane (first seen in reunited), Steven is able to communicate with Blue, who has been imprisoned by White.

Amethyst reunited with the “famethysts” from Pink’s zoo. Most of the HW gems are very afraid of Garnet, as fusions are still considered taboo. Teardrop gem Aquamarine makes a special appearance.

There is an emotional reunion between Yellow, Blue, and Pink. Pink explains her decision to create Steven, and how they are indeed two separate entities. Blue and Yellow are finally able to get some closure, and agree/promise to protect Steven at all costs, respecting Pink’s decision (though reluctantly).