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Is edge aesthetic going to have a renaissance soon?

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A little bit of speculation here.
>The post-AT (aka "calarts") style that pervades the styles of previous AT staff and other assorted industry cartoonists has been gaining criticism since the ppg 2016 debacle
>The backlash reached what I believe is an all time high with the release of Thundercats Go due to the normies freaking out about it
>There have been artists with a very "2000s dA mallgoth" style cropping up lately; Alan Turiel, Vivziepop, and Pan-Pizza are pretty big examples that have been shown to be appreciated, with Alan getting his own cartoon on CN, Vivienne making a webtoon, and Pan being a prominent cartoon eceleb
>All of these have relatively popular and large followings; Pan being comprised of nostalgic autists, Villainous comprised of tumblr fangirls, and Hazbin comprised of thirsty anons
>backlash and the downfall of post-AT + the rise and adoption of mallgoth style, almost as a knee-jerk reaction to post-AT = ????????
And let's be honest, more people are starting to get sick of irony (which is commonly associated with post-AT style); some are even embracing what an anon called "comfy cringe" because of its sheer sincerity. Imo it's basically meepsheep's law, except on a massive scale
Am I wrong? How come?

Pic related, kinda. It's pretty damn reminiscent of the aesthetic I'm referring to